New beginnings...

The past year was a great one for us business wise and personally.  We met a ton of gorgeous couples, styled some amazing weddings and I had my first beautiful little baby girl.

Having a baby changes things in the most unexpected and sublime way.  She brings with her a source of pure joy and a million tiny challenges.  There’s only so much room in a day for styling weddings and playing with flowers (I say playing because it never really seems like “work”) now that I have a little face I could simply stare at for hours on end.  So we have had to make a few changes.  This year we plan to take on fewer weddings.  We are scaling back on styling and starting to look at expanding our hire range.  I hope by doing this that I am able to give each bride the attention she truly deserves and to also not miss a single special moment with my daughter.  Time is already flying by as it is. 

So this year I will...

Stop and smell the flowers I “play” with
Be kinder to everyone I meet
Take lots of photos of my baby girl
Learn to say no
Realise that some things are impossible
Be forgiving to myself
Strive to inspire and not just to be inspired

(Photo by ngg studios)

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